Out of the “No” and Into the “Know”

This is not me… I don’t get political.  Never have.  It’s not because I would struggle to carry on an intelligent conversation about the subject.  It’s because I have very little interest in being talked into or out of my

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Nurturing the Confused

via Daily Prompt: Confused I’m a patient person.  I really am.  One has to be somewhat patient when working with children, not because they ask so many questions that they make you want to pull the skin off your face, but

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Obsessed – A Fairytale

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed Once upon a time, in a far away land (like New Jersey or something) there lived a young man who loved customer service.  He loved it so much that he became the best in all the

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You’re Not Making Sense to Me

For the daily prompt:  Surface Children.  They’re among some of most miraculous creations on the planet, wouldn’t you agree? Go with me for a moment.  There’s this chance encounter between 2 single-celled organisms that, when they meet, join together.  Then

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The Maybe Scenario

via Daily Prompt: Maybe So, it may not be so unusual to be in a customer service position and have the kind of day that makes you think, “Maybe I should have chosen a different career”.  One thing that some

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The Snotty Coworker

Did you ever want to smack one of your co-workeres? Don’t! Read this first!

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I see a light…Wait, it’s a freight train!

For the Mistake-Makers Did you ever see yourself as this tall figure, standing on top of the highest mountain on Earth, looking down at all of the poor, unfortunate people who aren’t you?  The air you breathe is fresh and

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