The Maybe Scenario

via Daily Prompt: Maybe

So, it may not be so unusual to be in a customer service position and have the kind of day that makes you think, “Maybe I should have chosen a different career”.  One thing that some of us rarely do is consider if others are having that same kind of day.  Maybe the person you’re trying to help is thinking, “Maybe I should have saved my money” or “Maybe next time, I’ll make sure this item is what I really need” or “Maybe if I’m nice to this person, they’ll give me a nice store credit”.

What’s my point?

The world is FULL of maybes and you’re not the only one that experiences them.  Now, since you experience them, does that mean that what you’re thinking is right?  Do you always have the same kind of day or are there some days that fill you with satisfaction?  We all know that a pie in the face sort of comes with the customer service profession, but that does not mean that you’ve made the wrong life-decision.  Maybe you’ll decide to quit tomorrow and completely miss the opportunity to help someone that really needed your special brand of service delivery.  That would be tragic.


You can never tell how much or how little your presence affects the lives of others, and maybe that’s what it’s all about anyway.  I mean, we’ve already talked about how everybody is in customer service at some point in their lives.  We can’t all be wasting our time.  It takes a special kind of person to actually convey an interest in another person’s concerns when those concerns have very little to do with you personally.  That special kind of person is you, everyday, when you pick up that phone, or connect to a chatline to offer assistance, when you develop an answer to a problem that satisfies all parties.  Time to pat yourself on the back!

Then again, maybe you’re wanting the ol’ pat-on-the-back for a job well done.  Maybe that pat doesn’t come often enough.  There’s an old sad expression that goes “Nobody ever thanks the phone company for a dial tone”.  Of course, these days, people might not even know what a dial tone is, thanks to smartphones.  So we’ll update it, changing dial tone to ‘strong signal’.  It’s still true.  In fact, companies are hard pressed to even get customers to take a survey at the end of their call, unless they want to complain.

If that’s the case, maybe you can create your own satisfaction.  Maybe you can smile to yourself when you know you did a great job, even if your customer was less than satisfied with the outcome.  Maybe, just maybe, you can learn to appreciate the job that you do and the expertise that you bring to your position even if it goes unrecognized.  You know it’s still there and that’s something to be celebrate.

And with that

I’ve said it before and I’ll say if again.  All you can control is your actions and your attitudes.  If you’re putting your best foot forward as often as possible, rest assured, somebody is watching.  If it doesn’t feel like that’s the case, know that you’re not alone.  Many people go through the same feeling.  Some would say that we all want acknowledgement and appreciation more that pay increases.  Just remain steadfast in your efforts and maybe, when you least expect it, your time for appreciation will come.



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