OK, So You’re Not Superman

Political Correctness Please forgive the title!  I was going to say You're Not Superman/Girl. Then I thought Superman/Wonder Woman. Both seemed a little too long, and I figured, if you're still reading, you get what I'm trying to say here...or at least you will.  (Insert Smiley here) I Am Awesome!  Aren't you? Here's the scenario. … Continue reading OK, So You’re Not Superman


“I don’t really care if you’re sorry…”

That's what a young lady said to me once as I was trying to assist her with a pressing issue.  She was stressed, frustrated, annoyed, and any other word that you can think of that means she was not happy.  I thought that telling her how sorry I was would buy me some points so … Continue reading “I don’t really care if you’re sorry…”